Lighting was never on any list of things to build, but when it became a need, a lamp seemed like the right thing to work on. This floor lamp surprised me on how fun it was to build, not only in the construction, but also the design. It begun with Haley and I sitting in our living room one evening when we both mentioned how we could really use a lamp, as the days were getting shorter.  A little on-line research about parts, a few drawings, and a couple weeks later... we had solved are lighting issue. The main concept came from the classic tripod floor lamp, then evolved into this quad pod, partly because I thought joining four legs at the top would be easier than three? I think I was a little right and wrong...the top ended up being a four-way, angled bridal joint, with a half lap in the middle to make the cross, sorry if I lost some of you on that, there is a pic below of what I am describing.

Another fun detail was hiding the cord in one of the legs. Every tripod floor lamp I have seen, the cord always dangles down the center or disturbingly gets wrapped around one leg.

I was able to source all the parts from the States, which did take more time, but I was happy to do. In the end, I paid a bit more for the parts, but I am very pleased with the quality. The lamp hardware and cord was sourced from an east coast dealer who had this sweet nickel-plated brass socket, with a dimmer and some of that old school cloth cord.

 In the pic below, is a look at the middle cross bridge. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I put a slight arch in the bottom of the cross to give something that could end up looking clunky, a bit of lift.

Lastly, a the burlap lamp shade.

The 'Autumn' floor lamp is the only piece in my collection of work up to know, that I am reproducing and taking orders. If you would like to have one in your home, they are hand-made to order, one at a time.


Walnut/Burlap/Nickel plated brass