One of the first things I notice on a piece of furniture, whether or not I like it's aesthetic, is the attention given to the details. This tapered leg would be fine, left square all around and only softened on the edges, but with a little extra thought an ordinary leg can be given the chance to be worth the second look. With the pillowing of a couple, or all sides of the leg, new shadow lines are created, making the leg appear thinner and keeping most of its strength. For this table I decided to pillow the inside and outside of the legs, leaving the sides flat.

Working on the outside surfaces is straightforward, multiple passes with the plane until you see a look that's right.


Here you can see the beginnings of the pillowing process, checking often to make sure material is removed evenly.


For the pillowing around the joint, a low angle spoke shave works

The shaping of this inside joint is a little more tedious. Beginning with a rounded rasp, I work my way down to the finer files to complete the look.


A days work.


After the pillowing is done, and surfaces prepped, the base assembly is ready for its first coat of oil.

Good night.