Last coat of oil on the the top...

DSC_1378With the top all wrapped up, I spent some time making the mounts to attach the base. I'm not the biggest fan of metal work but knowing just enough to be able to make custom hardware opens up new possibilities in your work, not to mention not having to pay and wait for a product to arrive.

These mounts are fairly simple. Start with flat brass stock, cut them to length, some quick layout and start drilling.

I made a quick little jig out of some scraps to ensure the holes are centered and uniform on all six mounts. First, drill the straight hole through, then change out the bit to a countersink (not moving the jig) and proceed with countersinking for the screw heads.


The holes that attach the top to the mounts need to be more of a "slot" to allow for seasonal movement.  The two mounts in the center do not have the slot, ensuring that when the top does move, it stays centered and all the movement will be forced equally towards the sides. I believe the general rule is about a 1/16" for every 8" of solid wood. Since the top is 16" wide and mounted from the center, I can anticipate roughly 1/16" movement on each side. Definitely not visually noticeable, but needs to be taken into consideration when making the mounts.



Well that about wraps things up on this build, thanks for reading!