Good morning!

Hope this post finds everyone doing great. I started wrapping this entry bench up by placing the mortises in the inside of the side panels. Since this is a bench that will see some traffic I loaded the panels with 15 floating tenons on each side. Better too strong than mechanical failure at some point in it's life...


From here it was on to fitting the back panel and partition for the drawer pocket...and then pre-finishing all the parts.


One of my favorite parts of any build is the dovetailing of the drawers. Time to sit down and chop away...good way to spend the afternoon.


After placing the groove for the drawer bottom, I moved on to shaping the pull. A simple whole, rounded towards the top, on the inside.


The drawer sides are from a nice hunk of European sycamore, while the drawer bottom is Port Orford cedar, that should give it a sweet scent every time it's opened! And, not that there is a problem with sipping whiskey and putting on shellack, but that is just my shellack bottle.


So that wraps this project up. Now, it's back to the jewelry cabinet full time...really excited to see this one completed too!