A bit more about us, as a team. Haley is my best friend, and most of all, she believes in me and the my work. I do have a unique opportunity and that is to just create work in this short season of our life. I do have a side job (that has nothing to do with woodworking, and that is a good thing) but I still manage to get about four good days in the shop a week. I know most woodworkers don't have this opportunity and I feel very fortunate, so not only do I get to work on my portfolio, but I also get to stock our house with things we need and will cherish forever. Instead of selling my portfolio off, or at least having them "for sale" they are pieces we can add to our home.

In the middle of me starting a new business, Haley decided she wanted to go back to school to get her BSN for nursing, all online. Well, here was a good opportunity to create something we need and make something especially for her.

The top is a piece of spalted mystery oak given to me by a close friend. I am not usually one for leaving a live edge but the hard lines in the base seemed to contrast well with the organic edge.


Matching shelves and done.


The chair was salvaged from an old church in El Campo Texas.