This past month has been busy in the shop getting things ready for the West Coast Craft and Design show in San Francisco and getting the ball rolling on a new commission. So, the show was amazing, met some great people and had a blast cruising around SF with Haley... but now back to work. Crummy pic quality but....


Haley and I at West Coast Craft  

Haley and I at West Coast Craft

It's been a while since I've done a process blog on a build but this is special piece commissioned by someone very close to Haley and I... I'll try and give some updates along the way.

Now that design and wood selection have been settled on, before I left for SF I begun work on the building the substrates. I guess this would be a good time to mention that it is a jewelery cabinet on a stand. The outside of the cabinet will be Koa, while the inside will be Boxwood. We also decided Wenge would be a good compliment for the stand.

Below, substrates on the right made from poplar, cross-banded, and flattened. On the right, Koa veneers fresh of the bandsaw.



After the panels came out of the vacuum press it was onto flattening and applying edge banding. And to whoever cares....boxwood has to be one of the nicest woods to plane!